Transnational Partners Meeting A Coruña

After the meetings held in Lisbon and Florence, on 13th and 14th  November 2023 the third international meeting of the EQUAL Leadership Programme took place in A Coruña (Spain), organised by Fundacion Ronsel.

Delegates from 6 entities participating in the programme (3 universities, 2 foundations and an association) from 5 different EU countries (Portugal, Italy, Poland, Latvia and Spain) met at the Fundación Ronsel head office to discuss their work in this programme and to define the points to be developed during the next 12 months.

In addition to the work meetings, they took advantage of this occasion to share knowledge and contacts with different Galician business associations led by women. They were also received by institutional representatives at the City Hall of A Coruña where they were able to present the programme and give it visibility.

EQUAL Leadership Programme is a gender equality project that promotes women’s access to political and economic power and is part of the “Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme”  funded by the European Union.


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